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I started borrowing a few years ago and finally decided I was done July 2016. I re-borrowed in July because they suddenly shortened the borrow time to only 25 days, without a verbal or text warning.

I asked why and they said it is not what they do, that the new policy was written in the new contract, whichI did not receive at the time of the change. They ended up asking for over $90 more than I usually pay in interest. Instead of $116, it was over $220. I was so upset I decided to start paying it off as of July 12th 2016.

I went in and asked how much I would have to put in to pay off, and they said $80 every 2 weeks for 6 months. Keep in mind that my line of credit was $500, meaning I can only borrow $500 at max. So by 6 months they would have gotten 960? NO!

Not so. So far I have paid in full, since July 12 2016, $80 July- $160 August, $80 plus $408 in September! There is no way that means you will only pay them $460 by 6 months! If I had not paid them off yesterday, I would have put $320 into and in 2 weeks it would be as if I never did anything to lessen the amount owed!

The daily interest is not included in the by weekly payments, nor does the bi-weekly payments go toward paying off your balance! It pays the principle (the business's paychecks)This is disgusting! When I asked for a receipt proving that there is a zero balance as of the 13th of July 2016, they gave each other sly looks and a lot of smirking as they all chipped in to say that they don't do that. I asked for an email verification, they say no to that also!

There should be a law to stop these agencies from not giving final email receipts to save paper also. I asked the cashier to sign the tiny slip receipt that only shows that I came to pay but does not show the final balance paid. I feel some kind of way when people think its funny when a customer complains about what is not being done right. They were unprofessional, on Denbigh Blvd and Warwick Blvd.

I hope I am able to load the receipts online for others to see how they print out your final balance. Stop problems before they start by keeping your receipts in emails incase you need to dispute their potential future scam. Always stay alert. I am only posting to inform others to stay away from a company who does not give final receipts and they have complaints from people claiming they are capable of fraudulently asking them to pay amounts they have already paid off.

I wanted to see if my intuition was correct and seeing the reviews ahead of mine above, just confirms my concern. I will Never go back there for a loan again. I'm so relieved that I was able to walk back in that same day and give them the remained of $408. I could not see myself paying $80 or $160 another month, and come back with them saying its still almost what I borrowed left as a balance!

I had to break the cycle of borrowing from them for Good! I do not recommend that company or particular store location on Debigh.

Reviewer is in happy mood. Receiptmatters2016 is quite happy with being done paying them off and stated that there is a room for improvement of smirking and belittling explainations. Please contact the author of this review to discuss "never borrowing again" of first virginia loans loan. First Virginia Loans needs to read this review and look into the issue (if any) according to poster's claims.

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I actually work for the company, and I tell all of my friends and family to avoid First Virginia at all cost!!! 264% APR is criminal!

The CEOs are taking luxurious vacations on the money of struggling families!

This corruption has got to end! I look forward to the day where I have a job I can actually be proud of.

Norfolk, Virginia, United States #1262199

Yes, you are definitely right. This happened to me at the Janaf Shopping Center in Norfolk, Virginia.

The clerk could not explain to me about the daily interest and would not give me a copy.


to Anonymous #1389312

I worked for this dreadded company for a good part of this year. I wouldn't recommend their services to my worst enemy.

Yes, the company should be closed down. Greed runs this corporate slum lord. This place disgusts me.

And if you think the customers got treated badly, you have no idea how the employees got treated behind the curtain. It was awful.

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